Changes To The Outside Of Your Home

If you are planning to make any structural changes to your house, you must contact the Architectural Review Board through Quality Management. for an approval.  Call Debbie at 561-477-2621 and request an application.

This includes re-shingling your roof and painting your house as well as any additions to your house and property.  If you do not get approval from the Architectural Committee, you may incur the expense of removing the new work or changing the work.

You have moved into a community with by-laws & restrictions.  This means that, when you bought your home, you agreed to abide by those by-laws.  Our Board of Directors give us their time and expertise to run the community according to those documents.  They live here too.  They do not  “go after” people because they have a grudge.  When there is an infraction, they have a process they follow which gives the homeowner ample time to either comply or object.  If you do not agree with a violation, then, by all means, bring it up at a Board of Directors meeting.  However, even if you disagree, you will have to abide by the laws until a majority agrees to change or alter the law.

The Master Association or Boca Fontana Home Owners Association reviews ALL applications in the community.  This includes Patio Homes, Town Homes and Estate Homes.

Thank you for your cooperation.